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The City of Sacramento’s Front Street Animal Shelter (FSAS) has made incredible strides over the past decade, going from an underperforming shelter on the verge of being shut down to one of the most successful lifesaving shelters in the region. Not only do they work extremely hard to provide excellent care and outcomes for animals at the shelter, but they’ve begun to address the larger community issues that contribute to shelter crowding in the first place. FSAS’ amazing donors are who make all of this possible.

100% of license fees are always given to FSAS. For FSAS and the community of Sacramento, license fees play a significant role in the funding that allows them to do their lifesaving work. When you license your pet, know that you are doing your part to help your local shelter workers care for lost, injured, and abused animals. But why stop at license fees as a means to support our local animals? We are proud to call the Front Street Animal Shelter an official Safe&Happy Partner. There are quite a few ways to support the important work they are doing, and we hope you’ll join us in our mission to provide them with all the help and resources they need.

“DocuPet has allowed us to focus less on licensing and more on helping animals, and those who donate or purchase a designer tag are helping our mission by providing essential funds to care for animals with the greatest need.” --Ryan Hinderman, Communications and Customer Service Manager, FSAS.

The Front Street Animal Shelter needs our help

FSAS does much more than caring for lost and abandoned animals. They also provide services to sick, stray, and neglected animals, as well as educating pet owners, resolving citizen complaints, and partnering to assist other local agencies. FSAS exists to protect, preserve, and enhance the quality of life for both animals and people by strengthening the human-animal bond.

Members of Front Street Animal Shelter

How to help:

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License your pet

100% of license fees are allocated to the Front Street Animal Shelter. Plus, lost pets with licenses spend little to no time at the shelter, opening up resources for the pets that truly need them. License your pet here.

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Make a donation

Make a donation to our Safe&Happy Fund, which gives donations to FSAS, or make a direct donation here.

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FSAS is always in need of volunteers. Duties range from clean up to pet care. To submit an application, click here.

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Shop DocuPet

20% of every designer tag purchase is given to FSAS. Shop to support here.

What is the Safe&Happy Fund?

In an effort to provide animal organizations with as much funding as possible, we created our Safe&Happy Fund. Outside of pet licenses, we will always donate 20% of every designer tag sale to our Safe&Happy partners in order to provide additional funding for FSAS’ vulnerable animals and the staff that serves them. Pet owners are also presented with the option to make a direct donation to the Safe&Happy Fund during the checkout process.

Front Street Animal Shelter by the numbers

We hope that by providing residents with as much information as possible, the positive impact pet licenses have on the community is not just understood, but valued.

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More than just a shelter

Homeless Outreach and Assistance Program (HOAP)

FSAS’ Homeless Outreach and Assistance Program (HOAP) is a special task force dedicated to helping animals and people experiencing homelessness. The program helps get animals fixed, vaccinated and fed, which helps greatly in supporting their owner’s journey to permanent housing.

Kitten Connection

This robust volunteer program is the first line of support for cat concerns — specifically kittens who don’t have a safe home or care plan. Volunteers spring into action, going straight to locations where kittens have been found to assess the situation and determine the best course of action. These lifesaving volunteers also provide resources and education to citizens to help manage the cats in their area. The Kitten Connection team truly makes a difference for cats, and people, in Sacramento.

Monthly Microchip Clinic

Each month, FSAS holds a clinic in various parts of the city which provides free vaccines and microchips. This program has been running for a couple of years now and protects thousands of animals each year.

Your license fees at work

Millions of pets enter shelters each year. The critical care, compassion and love that shelter workers and volunteers show these animals is unlimited, but the same unfortunately can’t be said for their budgets. When you license your pet, it isn’t just a fee – but rather, a lifeline.

Nancy the dog


Nancy came to FSAS after being hit by a car – she had multiple fractures, and it took many months of treatments, surgeries, and recovery. But the day finally came when she got her casts off and could run again! Above and beyond care like this is made possible thanks to FSAS’ caring donors.


Mocha came into the shelter as a newborn with a badly infected foot and needed emergency surgery at 3 days old to amputate her leg. She grew up healthy and strong in a foster home and was adopted by her foster family.

Mocha the cat
Lilo the dog


Lilo's owner was experiencing homelessness and needed assistance caring for her pets. Lilo got very sick, and her owner was on the verge of surrendering her. It turns out the dog had pyometra, a dangerous infection that is expensive to treat. Thanks to FSAS’ donors, they were able to save Lilo's life, allow this family to stay together, and get the owner's other pets fixed.


After surviving the deadly parvovirus, Melody was able to find a new home with an adopted family, thanks to the services FSAS could offer.

Melody the dog