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King is lost!

Lost Date May 15th, 9:34pm
Wearing collar? No
Last seen at Grand Ave & Dry Creek Rd (EB, Sacramento, CA 95838, USA


pet found at marker location on map


King, a Br Brindle Dogo Argentino - Pit Bull Dog
Tag Code N2BFFOG7 (Expired)
Breed Dogo Argentino - Pit Bull
Species Dog

Basic Information

Color Br Brindle
Gender Male
Spayed/Neutered No
Pet Date of Birth 01/05/2023

Owner Information

Owner Name Kristin Broadhead
Phone Number (279) 237-7819
Cell Phone Number (279) 237-7820
Work Phone Number (916) 541-3539
Email Address blairalyssa1989@gmail.com
Home Address 2400 23rd St
Sacramento CA 95818

Pet Care Information

Medical Information